Client Code
  • Please provide a detailed project outline (Mission Brief) to the designers. This will provide you with a better result.
  • Please post only one project within each contest.
  • Please manage your projects closely and provide comments and rankings regularly. Poorly managed projects often equate to poor results.
  • Please be polite.
  • If you have a dispute with a fellow Artist or Client, contact us. Remember, Brand Ninjas is not legally bound in this transaction as we are only providing the platform for the exchange of designs, however, we may make judgments and take action that we deem necessary on your behalf.
  • Once the project has been completed, you must select a winner within 20 days, we will allow a 5 day extension if circumstances require. Please contact us prior to contract expiration.
  • Please do not post projects of an offensive nature.
  • You cannot enter your own contest.
  • Brand Ninjas reserves the right to remove posted projects, without notice, if these terms are violated.
  • Brand Ninjas charges a small 10% administrative fee for all contests.