Brandon's Landscapes design contest
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A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and individuals to promote instant recognition. The logo is the single most important element of a company's identity. File types delivered: EPS, JPG, PNG, GIF
Prize:  $200.00
Entries:  38
Status:   Ended
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Project Name: Brandon's Landscapes
Our Slogan:  No Slogan for this contest
Project objective: 

To provide our company with a logo which is fresh, corporate, and creates a strong lasting mark. Our color identity falls within the blue and green pallets. The logo should be simple, clean, and provide for an immediate correlation to our "green" industry.

Industry Type: Landscaping & Yard Care

Our Target Audience:
 Affluent and educated home owners with incomes above $100K per year
Female of the household
Landscape Architects
Commercial Property Managers
Age: 35 and older

Style and Concept (fonts, colors, geners):

Font: Monotype Corsiva/ Hand written style typeface
Colors: Green & Blue color pallet

Style Logo

Contest Attachments:
Contest Update On Aug 3, 2013
The following additional details may help you in providing us with a winning submission: 1. Please use solid earth tones in the blue and green
pallet. 2. A distinction between the words "Brandon's" and "Landscapes" should be made to emphasis the word "Brandon's" as a stronger mark. This can
be achieved with a difference in color, size, and/or type face. 3. A logo style of: "Detached" is preferable so that we have both a strong stand
alone emblem and type face. The use of the tree (in any form you see fit) as our company identity is preferred. 4. Solid colors are preferred due to
the need to transfer our logos to uniforms and vehicle identification; hence, submissions should not use shadowing or shading. 5. Please see attached
style guide for reference. Good luck to all of you and thank you for your submissions!
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