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A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and individuals to promote instant recognition. The logo is the single most important element of a company's identity. File types delivered: EPS, JPG, PNG, GIF
Prize:  $200.00
Entries:  30
Status:   Ended
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Project Name: UHN Recognition
Our Slogan:  No Slogan for this contest
Project objective: 

We have developed a recognition and reward program for a division within UnitedHealth Care. We are getting ready to bring it forward for Sr. Leadership support/approval. We need a logo to go with it. The division is:

UnitedHealthcare Networks

Frequently noted as UHN.

There are 3 possible titles for the program:
United Honoring Network
Simply the best
Excellence in action

Industry Type: Healthcare & Physician

Our Target Audience:
 The target audience is 2000 employees across the US. They are all professionals who support hospitals, doctors offices and pharmacies. All ages and education levels.

Style and Concept (fonts, colors, geners):

Need something that is professional, not too feminie, needs to have some blue in it.

Style Logo

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Contest Update On Sep 8, 2014
Please use the United Honoring Network slogan. Would like at least three colors in the design.
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