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Project Name: House of Lingua
Our Slogan:  Multi-Cultural Community Resources
Project objective: 

The mission of House of Lingua is to serve as a bridge between Multi-Cultural Communities through dimensional programming. House of Lingua provides multi-lingual education and community resources in order to foster a better understanding of cultural diversity, heritage, social values and their common interests, as well as drive social and economic equity.

House of Lingua’s goals include:

• To offer remedial and advanced Multi-Language immersion programs for children and adult families of diverse speaking backgrounds.
• To serve as a resource and referral center for English as a Second Language ("ESL") programs, for Spanish, Somali and Asian speaking individuals who desire to improve their English language proficiency.
• To serve as a bridge between the Multi-cultural communities and other segments of society that serves the needs of diverse populations.
• To provide meaningful resources such as, but not limited to, outreach assistance, resource referral, and intervention and related support services to families about the origin and history of multi- cultures.
• To offer diversity training and multi-lingual interpretation assistance to professional groups and public service agencies such as medical facilities, the court system, schools, and private sector businesses that serve diverse clients.
• To establish a strong and active network of service providers that will form a comprehensive approach to the growing Health issues for diverse communities in Hennepin County.

Industry Type: Community & Foundations

Our Target Audience:
 House of Lingua, to start will serve Latinos, Chicanos, Hispanics; Spanish-speaking individuals; non-Spanish speaking individuals wishing to expand linguistic and cultural understanding; adoptive parents of children from Spanish-speaking countries, with plans of expanding to the greater cultural communities i.e Somali, and Asian in the near future.

Style and Concept (fonts, colors, geners):

This was the name of or previous organization with a similar mission , which I liked the logo, but I would like something to new that reflects our new name and mission statement!

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