What is Brand Ninjas?

A crowdsourced design marketplace that connects customers with an international design community to create and maintain all aspects of the client's brand.

Why did I not receive my confirmation email?

Please check your junk/spam folder, as the email could be in there. If after 10 minutes you haven't received the confirmation email, you can use the "Forgot Login" link to have the confirmation sent again. If you continue to have issues, please contact us at and we will assist you.

Will I own the legal rights to my new design?

Absolutely, the designer agrees to transfer the rights for their design when he or she submits it into your contest, provided you choose their design. You become the owner of the design when you complete the purchase at the close of the contest.

How do I start a contest?

To start a contest, simply click on the "GET STARTED NOW" button on the home page. You will then be asked to choose a contest type, fill out a creative brief, set a timeline and a price point. A more detailed creative brief will always provide a better overall result.

Can I make my contest private?

Yes, you can do this while setting up your contest from the "START YOUR CONTEST" page. This will allow only our designers to see your contest. The contest will lock-out the general public, search engines, and the results of your contest will not be shown in our "FOLIO".

How do I pay for my contest?

After you have finished the creative brief, you’ll arrive in your "OFFICE" on the "LIVE CONTESTS" page. Click the "Pay to Launch" button, which will take you to our PayPal portal to pay for your contest. You can either pay using a PayPal account, or if you prefer, you can use any major credit card.

How do I invite Artists to compete in my contest?

In your "OFFICE" on the "LIVE CONTESTS" page, click the "Invite" button and you will be taken to our list of talented Artists, which are sorted by "Belt Rank". Use the pull-down to choose the contest you are managing and then click "Select All" for everyone, or you can choose specific Artists based on their rank or portfolio. When your selection is done, click the "INVITE" button.

What is "Belt Rank"?

The belt rank is based upon the Dan Ranking System of traditional martial arts heritage, which rewards a different belt color for advancing each level. Achieving each belt level requires a certain number of points. Artists earn points when they place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a contest. This creates added incentive for Artists to provide outstanding work!

Why isn't my contest getting as many entries as the others?

    The number of entries you will be receiving depends on a number of factors:
  • The amount of money provided to the winner of your project - a higher budget will attract more talented artists to compete.
  • The quality of your creative brief - if you provide an excellent creative brief, you will receive more designs that are likely to meet your needs! Make sure you are very descriptive in all areas of our creative brief area. Upload images that reinforce and guide the artists to your desired effect. And, remember that on the Brand Ninjas platform, you can provide additional details to the entire community that views your contest by clicking on the "Edit" button in your Office on the Live Contests page.
  • The amount of time that you allocate for the project - having a longer contest can be useful to allow artists to access your contest, however, keep in mind that many entries may happen in the last couple of days so it is a good idea to watch your project closely.
  • Your level of communication with the Artists - when you provide comments to the artist within your contest, that will not only assist the artist with providing multiple options for you based on your comments, the other artists can review the comments and get guidance from you as well.
  • The complication of your design request - simple logos will require less time than a multiple page website design. Keep in mind the timeline that you choose to achieve the best results.

How do I communicate with the Artists?

In your "OFFICE" on the "LIVE CONTESTS" page, click the "Manage Contest" button and you will be taken to your contest page where Artists have submitted their designs. Simply click on a design and you will enter the comment area where you can share your thoughts and provide direction. We strongly recommend making regular, daily comments to your Artists - you will receive more designs and an overall better result!

How do I rank the designs?

In your "OFFICE" on the "LIVE CONTESTS" page, click the "Manage Contest" button and you will be taken to the contest page where Artists have submitted their designs. Simply use the drop down below each design to choose the appropriate rank. After setting rank on the submitted designs, click on the "Set Daily Rank" button to complete rankings.

How do I select a winner?

In your "OFFICE" on the "LIVE CONTESTS" page, click the "Manage Contest" button and you will be taken to the contest page where Artists have submitted their designs. When you are satisfied with the final results from your contest and have selected the "1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ranking", click on the "Select a Winner" button. Your 1st place, ranked design will be your chosen winner and your Artist will be notified to provide final files. Please note: If you desire, you can also purchase the other designs from the contest!

How long do I have to select a winner after my contest has ended?

After your contest ends you have 20 days to select a winner.

What happens after I choose a Winner?

Once a winner has been selected, the designer will be notified to upload the proper files, which can be approved and downloaded from the CONTEST WINNERS page. These files will always remain in your office for you to download. Brand Ninjas staff will also check the files and deliver them to your email address if needed. Once you have received the files and are satisfied, simply click the "approved" button. This action will allow one of the Brand Ninjas site administrators to release payment to the winning designer.

How will I receive the final files for my design?

In your OFFICE on the CONTEST WINNERS page, click the "Download" link and your browser will extract your final files. The final files will include an EPS (which is industry standard), JPEG or PNG, and GIF.

Will the winning Designer provide revisions and different versions?

Please request all revisions while your contest is running. Once a winner has been selected the winning Designer will provide an EPS vector file as well as other formats through our automated file system.

How does the guarantee work?

If you don't receive the minimum specified entries (see below for breakdown) for the type of contest that you are holding, we will extend your contest for another 7 days. If you still do not get the minimum after the extension you will get a full refund - no questions asked. Logo = 25 designs, Brochure = 10 designs, Collateral = 10 designs, Stationary = 20 designs, Package = 10 designs, Website = 10 designs, Advert = 20 designs, Signage = 20 designs, Font = 10 designs.

How do I buy a premade logo?

Premade Logos can be purchased in our Logo Market. Simply search through our logo market to find a design that suits your business, select, and purchase. The original Artist will receive notification to modify the design to include your company name or slogan.

How do I view an EPS file?

    Most people will not be able to easily view EPS files. They are commonly used by designers and printers, and usually require Adobe Illustrator or other vector programs to open. However, there are a number of ways to view them:
  • Go to the 3M Promotional Products page ( which has a very basic EPS viewer. Please note: We are not responsible for any content via third party sites.
  • Download a free trial of Adobe Illustrator (
  • Contact Brand Ninjas Support and we can inspect an EPS file for you.

Brand Ninjas® is not an escrow service and does not hold property on behalf of any person.

What if I want to purchase 2nd or 3rd place, or any other designs from my contest?

If you would like to purchase other designs from your contest, this can be done from within your OFFICE on the ADDITIONAL BUYS page. Once you have opened the ADDITIONAL BUYS page, simply select the contest from the drop-down menu, and press the BUY button underneath the design that you would like to purchase. If you need help or have questions please Contact Us

Can I edit my contest after it has already started?

You can always add additional information to your contest using the EDIT button on the LIVE CONTESTS page. This area will allow you to add details to the contest as well as upload additional samples or concept images.

How do I choose the prize amount?

This is a simple economics exercise. The larger the prize, the more incentive there is to win, and thus, the more entries you'll receive as a result.

I do not have a PayPal account, is there another option for me?

YES! You do NOT require a PayPal account to use our platform! When you arrive at the PayPal payment page, simply click on the "Don’t Have a PayPal Account?" link and you can pay with any Major Credit Card. We use PayPal because it is a secure and easy way to process payments and is known and trusted Worldwide.



What is Brand Ninjas?

A crowdsourced design marketplace connecting customers with an international design community to create and maintain all aspects of their brand

How do I sign up and start my quest to become a Brand Ninjas Artist?

Simply click on the "Artist" button on the home page, or click on the graphical "Ninjas" button and you will be taken to our Artist List page. Then simply click on the "Artist?" button to join. Then you can create a user name, password, and a payment email and you're ready to participate. Review our policies and you can start winning contests!

What does it cost to become a Brand Ninja?

Becoming a designer on Brand Ninjas is free! Our site is designed to provide artists with a great platform to gain recognition and make money. We have an easy to use, clean interface, built for you!

How do I submit a design to a contest?

To enter a submission into a design contest, simply view our current contests by clicking on the CONTESTS button at the top of the page, or by clicking on the LIVE CONTESTS button within your DOJO. When you click on a Contest Link, you can then view the contest details and click on the red "ENTER NOW" button to submit a design. If you have not yet setup a Brand Ninjas® account, you will be prompted to do so at this time, and then you can proceed with entering your design.

When will I get paid?

Our clients have 20 days upon completion of their contest to approve their design. Please be patient and realize that sometimes when a client is reviewing their contest that there may be multiple people involved in the decision making process. As an artist focused website, we watch the timeline closely so that we can release payment. In the event that you have not been paid after the 20 day grace period, please contact us at and we will release funds to you if necessary.

How are designers paid for their work?

We pay our designers via PayPal because it is international, reliable, and secure. Please provide a PayPal account upon signing up to become a Brand Ninja and we will deposit funds into your account when you win a contest! After the project has been completed and the files have been approved, the payment will be released within 24 to 48 hours.

What are the design submission requirements?

Please click on our Ninja Code and review our file requirements. These are critical elements of the site and, in the interest of always providing a great product; we will notify you and remove any noncompliant graphics.

Why can't I submit logos in PSD (Photoshop)?

We believe that the only acceptable format for Clients' logos is vector art. Vector art provides the most versatility and will look the best across many applications and uses. Our designers need to provide Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, FreeHand or any of the open-source vector programs. Final files always include true EPS vectors. 

Why are some contests identified as a "Private Contest" and have a lock beside them?

When a contest is listed this way, it is because only Brand Ninjas registered designers can view the contest. This is an upgrade our Clients pay for that will only allow our designers to see the contest. The contest will lock-out the general public and search engines. The results of the contest will not be shown in the "FOLIO".

How do I advance my belt?

You can advance your belt and your rank within Brand Ninjas by winning contests or placing in 2nd or 3rd place. Please see the Ranking System link to see the point breakdown.