• Submit only 100% ORIGINAL artwork that you create. No clip art or stock photos - even if you own them.
  • Do not copy other Artists work.
  • Do not reuse design elements from previously WINNING designs because ownership will have been transferred to the Client.
  • Provide proper files and formats when you win a contest:
    • Required formats: Vector EPS, transparent PNG, JPG, and GIF.TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) for fonts.
    • Optional formats: PDF, and PSD.
    • When selling a logo in the Market, You have 3 days (72 hours) to upload the final design with the client company name or Brand Ninjas will finalize the design and retain 50% of the charges to the client.
  • No use of Watermarks or company logos of any sort on any design submissions.
  • Behave with honor in victory and defeat. Be respectful of all participants at this site and you will be treated with respect.
  • If you have a dispute with a fellow Artist or Client, please contact us. Remember, Brand Ninjas is not legally bound in this transaction as we are only providing the platform for the exchange of designs, however, we may make judgments and take action that we deem necessary on your behalf.
  • Review the project details (Mission Brief) carefully to create the most successful result. If you have questions, post them in the comments area.
  • When you win a contest, upload your design and transfer ownership to the Client. When the project is closed by the Client, Brand Ninjas will release proper payment.
  • Do not submit offensive or illegal designs.
  • Brand Ninjas reserves the right to remove submitted work, without notice, if these terms are violated or if we deem it necessary.
  • Brand Ninjas retains a 10% administrative fee for all contests.