• You cannot provide false information (name, email or physical address, etc.)
  • You must provide legitimate and valid payment information.
  • You cannot manipulate our fee structure or billing process.
  • Client: We are excited to provide you with a winning design; however, we will provide a money back guarantee if you do not receive our "minimum design" limit in each category after the expiration of the contest term and/or the extension. Minimums are as follows:

    Logo = 25 designs, Brochure = 10 designs, Collateral = 10 designs, Stationary = 20 designs, Package = 10 designs, Website = 10 designs, Advert = 20 designs, Signage = 20 designs, Font = 10 designs.

  • Client: Once the Mission has been completed, you must select a winner within 20 days. We will allow a 5 day extension if circumstances require. If a winner is not selected, Brand Ninjas will select the winner based on their ranking and design aesthetic –this website is built to provide you with a winning design through this process. Because we guarantee the completion of each Mission, we do not refund fees. Also, a design cannot be published without first providing payment.
  • Artist: Provide proper files and formats when you win a contest as identified in the Ninja Code of Conduct.
  • Ownership of winning designs is transferred to the Client at the close of the project. Additional iterations of a design concept remain the property of the Artist. The Client can purchase other iterations for the previously established price.
  • Brand Ninjas is not an escrow service. We will not hold money on behalf of any person or business.
  • Brand Ninjas charges a 10% administrative fee to Clients and retains a 10% administrative fee from Artists for all contests.
  • You cannot transfer your account and ID to another party without Brand Ninjas consent.
  • Brand Ninjas employees or agents cannot be held in any way responsible for the actions or inaction of other Artists, Clients, or users of this website.
  • If you have a dispute with a fellow Artist or Client, contact us. Remember, Brand Ninjas is not legally bound in this transaction as we are only providing the platform for the exchange of designs, however, we may make judgments and take action that we deem necessary on your behalf.
  • The scope of the project cannot be changed after a winning design is chosen.
  • You cannot advertise a competing site in any area of this website.
  • You cannot post or distribute spam on this website.
  • All, Copyrights, Trademarks, and elements, of this website created by Brand Ninjas are the property of Brand Ninjas and cannot be copied, used, modified or distributed.
  • Brand Ninjas reserves the right to terminate or suspend the participation of any member that is in violation of our Terms.
  • Brand Ninjas reserves the right to change the member Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.